Why you need Automated Return Filing


Saves Money

Instead of employing full time resources and professional firms, get a software to file returns for you.


Saves Time

GST Return Filing follows a specified process. Let the GST software follow the rules. Free time for your business.


100% Accuracy

The GST software catches mistakes at each step of the process, delivering an error free return to the government.

GST Edge Return Filing offers you


Return Accuracy

Ensure multilevel reconciliation for accurate credit returns at all stages.

The GST has prescribed 3 returns to be filed monthly. Errors will remain in the government’s system and may lead to issues in future returns.


Access Controls

Completely customize role based access controls for team members.

As companies, you may need your CA to audit the final return. As a CA, you may have multiple resources handling your return filing. Granting only the required access to each person makes your process ultra-smooth. Restrictions*


Multiple PAN and Multiple GSTIN

Manage multiple registered entities with complete visibility and control.

All the different PANs and GSTINs under you will be displayed on the same dashboard with a single login, where they can be seamlessly managed.


One Time Mapping

Complete freedom to upload data in the format of your choice.

The GST Software interprets your data format the first time you map your fields. You can save multiple such formats and switch between them anytime.


Error Reports

Resolve mismatched entries at the click of a button with our logic based error reports.

These reports help catch any errors in your input and highlight them to you. Now instead of auditing the whole data finding errors, you can skip to solving the errors.


Reconciliation Reports

Auto-reconcile your input tax credits at the click of a button.

Any mismatch between your purchase register and vendor bills (GSTR-2A) are highlighted in these reports. According to the mismatch, you can take an action to accept/reject/pending.

How to file GST Returns with GST Edge

Free GST Software Demo

Edge Return is hosted on a secure cloud with end to end data encryption in rest and transit states with advanced security measures to prevent data theft.


Additional Benefits for our Customers


No additional hardware or software cost.


Complete Training for Software use


On Call Support for any queries